Identify the microbial community in your sample

16S metagenomic analysis is mostly used for species profiling and species determination in a variety of environmental samples.

Most, if not all, bacteria can be differentiated by sequencing amplicons derived from one of the following regions: V1-V3, V3-V4 or V3-V5.

Basic service includes

  • 1x QC per sample (including real-time PCR to determine the bacterial content of your sample)
  • Amplicon generation (either V1-V3, V3-V4 or V3-V5)
  • Pooling & normalisation of amplicons
  • Sequencing on MiSeq with the 2 x 300 bp paired-end read module
  • Basic bioinformatic analysis (sorting of reads according to inline barcodes)
  • Data delivery
  • Minimum sample number: 6