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 Identify the microbial community in your sample

16S metagenomic analysis is mostly used for species profiling and species determination in a variety of environmental samples.

Most, if not all, bacteria can be differentiated by sequencing amplicons derived from one of the following regions: V1-V3, V3-V4 or V3-V5.

Basic service includes

  • 1x QC per sample (including real-time PCR to determine the bacterial content of your sample)
  • Amplicon generation (either V1-V3, V3-V4 or V3-V5)
  • Pooling & normalisation of amplicons
  • Sequencing on MiSeq with the 2 x 300 bp paired-end read module
  • Basic bioinformatic analysis (sorting of reads according to inline barcodes)
  • Data delivery
  • Minimum sample number: 6

Zingygen Inc.  Is a discovery stage biotechnology company utilizing a novel technology to develop vaccines and immune therapies for the treatment of tropical and chronic inflammatory diseases.

Zingygen Inc.  Is an FDA registered lab offering  Quality Control Services for pathogens detection using immunological methodologies,  qPCR and Next-generation Sequencing (NGS).